Cheap tours

It is possible to do South Africa very cheaply and I will help you do that, if that is what you want to do. However, you will be limited in the sites you can fly and to make the most of your trip will have to be prepared to do a lot of driving if the conditions are not perfect.

Some of the sites are sensitive and you will not be able to fly them without being vetted first and joining the club's. To fly from Signal Hill and Lions head you will need to be Pilot Rated and show that you have joined SAPHA.

In Porterville, the best option will be to stay at the Flyers Lodge and if you land back at the lodge, you will get a free landing beer. There is a bunk room, a couple of private rooms in the main house and chalets too. The lodge has a swimming pool and you get treated to beautiful African sunsets every night and excellent food from Terina and her team. If you want to eat out, the options are Kope Koffee, Friends or Rendezvous.

The team can often organise a retrieve driver for you and other guests which will usually cost around R400 in your hire car, depending on how far you fly.