About us

I have been flying now for 17 years and have done somewhere between 400 - 500 hours, but almost all abroad. In that time, I have observed some great paragliding operations and some not so great ones both at the higher and lower end of the scale.

Booking paragliding holidays has always been a taxing experience with rubbish websites that do not accept online bookings, slow responses and vague itineraries!

One of the joys of paragliding is the eclectic individuals you meet along the way and where the tours have been designed for an international market, they can be more bespoke, niche and better designed to meet the needs of the pilots.

As a result, this site has been developed to help you as a pilot make informed decisions about which tour might be right for you. I have only listed places that I have been to and tours run by guides/instructors who I know and who I am confident will provide the service you need. 

Is it safe to book online through this site?
This site has been built on Shopify, an ecommerce tech giant, now valued at $70bn and with the payments done through Stripe to minimise the risk to you (and me).