Why book through us?

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me and I will give you an impartial perspective and if it makes more sense for you to travel independently and do your own thing that's all good too.

Knowing all the businesses as I do, I really expect everyone to have a fantastic time flying and fantastic holidays too. However, however hard we try and the businesses we work with try occasionally things will go wrong. Anyone who books with me will have my whatsapp number and will be able to contact me while away and I will liaise with the business to try and fix whatever I can on your behalf. 

If I see any of the businesses listed not delivering on their promises, they will be delisted, giving you a little bit more clout than you'd have as an individual.

Ultimately, my aim is to ensure that more people have better, safer and more enjoyable holidays going on trips that will really work.

If you book through us, the, we act as a conduit to help make life easier and have enabled online booking for you, the inventory is controlled by the operators and the money goes directly to them.